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Esther 3

Esther 3 is a great example of what not to do as a leader.  “King Ahasuerus promoted Haman….and advanced him and set his throne above all the officials who were with him”.  Haman becomes the number two in charge, and brings his desire for power and position to his place of authority.  But whiel all the rest of the people bowed and honored this new leader, “Mordecai did not bow down or pay homage”.  He was not going to pay honor to Haman based on what he knew of the man and his ancestry.

The other servants of the king “spoke to him day after day and he would not listen to them, they told Haman, in order to see whether Mordecai’s words would stand, for he had told them that he was a Jew”.  Some fellow friends these guys were.  Mordecai wasn’t doing what they were, so rather than respecting his conviction, they went and told Haman of the situation.  Of course, Haman being a guy obsessed with power, is furious with Mordecai’s unwillingness to do as commanded and determines to get even.  But he doesn’t want to just address this issue, but rather use it as a means to “destroy all the Jews”.

So Haman goes to the king and says “There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of your kingdom. Their laws are different from those of every other people, and they do not keep the king’s laws, so that it is not to the king’s profit to tolerate them. If it please the king, let it be decreed that they be destroyed”.  It seemed like a reasonable request given the information provided.  There wasn’t a pro and con discussion here, just a recommendation to wipe out this group of people that were resistant to doing things the way Haman dictated.

So the king falls for the request and signs the edict.  Haman writes up the law and has it prepared.  “Letters were sent by couriers to all the king’s provinces with instruction to destroy, to kill, and to annihilate all Jews, young and old, women and children, in one day, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month….and to plunder their goods”.  Haman makes sure that the couriers “went out hurriedly by order of the king” before anything could be changed.  The letters arrived and there was confusion amongst the people.  Yesterday all these folks were part of the kingdom.  Today they are all marked to be destroyed.  It just doesn’t make sense outside the view of a man corrupted by power, possession and position.

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