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Zechariah 6

Zechariah 6 has the prophet receiving another vision from God, the last of the eight he recieves.  This time “four chariots came out from between two mountains”.  And the prophet asks the angel who was with him what they were.  The chariots are likely symbolic of the power of God, according to scholars.  They symbolize God’s power from all four corners of the earth.  He is unlimited in His power and ability.  He sends His power to and fro at His command and is able to deal with any and all around the earth.

Coffman says “This merely reveals that the heavenly patrol, if we may call it that, was actually moving to do God’s will. Some scholars have amended these verses to provide a more uniform picture, even coming up with all four directions, north, south, east, and west; but this is absolutely unnecessary. Four directions are no more effective as a symbol than are two. North and south can mean the whole world as easily as north, south, east, and west.”  The reality is that God is all powerful and His will happens all over the earth.

The first vision in this chapter was exactly that, a vision.  But the second word of the Lord came in a different way.  It seems God spoke to Him rather than give him a vision like He has over and over.  And this word refers to “the man whose name is the Branch” which Coffman says likely refers to the promised Messiah; and makes it impossible to take the action any other way except as a symbolical prophecy of the coming Messiah, revealing the extremely important truth that the Messiah would combine in himself the offices of both the kingship and the high priesthood.

Jesus is coming, and Zechariah prophecies about him numerous times in His book.  Zechariah points out the truth of all that Jesus will be.  He is not simply Savior.  He gives us the great revelation of Christ as both Priest and King.  This is one of the great passages of the Bible as it foretells the truth of Jesus and the purpose of His coming.  God reveals much through His prophet – defining the all encompassing power of God throughout the earth, and the forthcoming power of His Son as well!

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