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Zechariah 5

Zechariah 5 has two more visions for the prophet.  He sees a “flying scroll….and a woman sitting in a basket”.  The two visions have a related purpose – to get rid of evil and and get the people back to walking in obedience to God.  There are two sins that are singled out in this chapter.  God is going to deal with “everyone who steals…..and everyone who swears falsely”.  Stealing and lying are called out as a plague that needed to be eliminated.  God says they “shall be cleaned out”.

He has every intent of removing those practicing those sins and consuming their houses.  “And it shall remain in his house and consume it, both timber and stones”.  It is serious business.  Society tends to view those two things, particularly little white lies or stealing things that don’t seem all that significant, as acceptable.  Don’t we?  If we stretch the truth or don’t quite tell it completely like it is, well that’s ok.  And if we take something that isn’t really ours to take – say for example something from the workplace – even stealing some time from our employer – it really didn’t hurt anyone.

We can get caught up in justifying what we do and become oblivious to the fact it is even occurring.  But God sends out a curse across the whole land to clean these things up.  The second vision has a basket that contains a woman signifying evil, who is thrown there by an angel and then trapped by a lead stone (which was a unit of measure)  The basket is then carried off by two angels and taken away.  God removes the evil from the place of His people and removes it.

There appears to be dishonesty happening in that time with the daily business conditions.  Apparently people were cheating with weights and measures and God intents to put an end to that evil.  God cares about how we live.  He is intent on helping us become holy and godly in how we live our daily life.  It isn’t about how we appear in church, but how we live day by day.  We must be careful not to excuse the little things that creep in and cause us to move from living a life pleasing to God, to one that is all about self.  God does hold us accountable for our choices.

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