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Zechariah 4

Zechariah 4 is the fourth of his eight visions.  The central feature is a lampstand with seven lamps on it, and seven lips on each along with two olive trees.  This entire chapter is about this vision, and here we enter into an area of prophecy about which there is not agreement.  We do know that this adds a lot of detail to the candlestick of God’s House – the tabernacle.  And considering other passages would appear that the lampstand typifies the Word of God which is the light of world.

The olive trees have been identified by some as the Old and New Testament.  Others have declared it to be Joshua and Zerubbabel who were leaders of that day.  I don’t claim to know or understand.  It does seem likely that these two olive trees were to be the source of the oil necessary to light the lamps.  They were equally important as the lampstand itself, which leans toward the first option above.  It may be that Zerubbabel and other prophets were instruments of the flow of God’s Word to the people, rather than being the focus themselves.

God does say something that we need to hear.  “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts”.  Often we forget that what happens is not about us.  It is about God.  Our success or achievement or even the very life we live is not about trying harder, doing more, being stronger.  It is about knowing God and having His Spirit live in us and through us.  Scripture is full of examples where God used people who were clearly unable and incapable to do amazing and great things in His power.

We also need to recognize that no matter what the exact meaning of this prophecy, God never changes.  Here we are told “For whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice, and shall see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel”.  We will stand before God someday to be measured.  We will have to give an account for what we have done and the choices we have made.  There is a plumb line we will stand up against.  None of us will be measured well on our own.  Only if we have dealt with sin, through confession, repentance and grace through Christ, can we ever measure up.  Are you ready to be measured?

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