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Zechariah 1

Zechariah 1 has the word of the Lord coming to the prophet.  “The Lord was very angry with your fathers”.  It seems that the people had really ticked God off and were disobedient to Him, and He was angry.  God gave them a command, to “Return to me, says the Lord of hosts, and I will return to you”.  It really is a pretty simple thing with God.  If we walk with Him, or are even willing to come back to Him after we wander away, He will restore our relationship.  He wants to love us and have us back.

But in this case God says “Do not be like your fathers….they did not hear or pay attention to me”.  God gave them a chance, but they failed to turn and come back.  They were unwilling to humble themselves and return to God.  So God says “my words and my statutes, which I commanded my servants the prophets, did they not overtake your fathers”?  God is patient, but we can press Him past the line.  And when we do, things fall apart.  It may be a whack to the head, or a disaster of magnificent proportion, but God will get our attention.

And that caused His people to reconsider and turn from their wicked and selfish ways.  “So they repented and said, As the Lord of hosts purposed to deal with us for our ways and deeds, so has he dealt with us”.  The people finally figured it out and came back to Him.  And God gives Zechariah a vision of what will happen as they repent and return.  God comes back.  God says “I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion”.  God loves His people.  And He is angry with those who have caused destruction.

God says “I have returned to Jerusalem with mercy; my house shall be built in it, declares the Lord of hosts, and the measuring line shall be stretched out over Jerusalem”.  God wants to come home to His people. He wants them back building His city and His House.  And He shows Zechariah about the prosperity and comfort that would be returning to Jerusalem.  He has chosen it to be His once again.  God loves us.  He wants us back with Him.  Are you walking with God?  Are you connected?

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