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Joel 3

Joel 3 has the prophet talking about God’s plan to restore His people.  “I will gather all the nations and bring them down….into judgment”.  God is going to “restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem” by bringing His people back together.  But in order to do that, He will gather all the nations that have mistreated and scattered His people.  They will be brought before Him to stand judgment for their actions.  God will give back that which has been taken from His people, and restore their land.

Joel tells us that God “will stir them up from the place to which you sold them”.  God is going to grab the hearts of His people and draw them together.  They have been separated for many years and living in many places, but God has the ability to stir any heart open to Him.  And He will stir our hearts toward good and righteousness if we are in relationship with Him.  He’ll stir our conscience and make us sensitive to sin and righteousness.  He will convict our hearts and lead us to repentance if we are only open to His Spirit.

God also is not only going to stir people up, but call them to action.  “Let the weak say, I am a warrior”.  God has the ability for us to become warriors, or anything for that matter.  He only needs a willing heart to take us from where we are to where we need to be. Scripture is full of stories of men and women who were not equipped or capable of the task which God called and made capable.  If God originates it, God orchestrates it.  He will equip us when He calls us to do things.  We simply need to be willing and respond to His call.  The details lie in His hands.

Joel writes about “the valley of decisions”.  I love that description.  While this passage is not speaking about us today – we all are in a valley filled with decisions we need to make.  Every day our life is filled with hundreds or more choices we must make.  We need to walk wisely through those decisions and be sure we are focused on obedience to God’s will.  “The Lord is a refuge to his people”.  That is a promise we all need to cling to.  But it has a qualifier – we need to be one of His people.  We need to be walking with Him.  That is a continual choice as we face the decisions of life every day.  Do you choose Jesus?  Or do you just go about doing things your own way?

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