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Ezekiel 45

Ezekiel 45 moves the vision out to the Lord’s part of the country.  The prophet is shown how the land is to be configured around the temple.  The description places the temple in the center of the square area, which was in turn in the middle of the land of Israel.  God wants to be central in the lives of His people.  And that is certainly his desire in our lives today.  While this is a physical description of how things are to be configured, it is a very real model for how we are to be in relationship with God.  He wants to be smack dab in the middle of our life.

Is that how your life is today?  Is God in the middle of everything?  Or does He sit off to the side, or maybe even in a closet just waiting for you to need Him and pull Him back to being involved in your life?  Do you treat Him like a genie that is at your beckon call when you are in a jam?  For many of us, that is how we want the relationship to work. We are in control.  We run things day to day.  God is on call if we get in over our head, but otherwise we’ll drive the bus.  That is not how living as a Christ Follower works.  It is not about me, it is completely about God.

He alone sits on the throne of my life.  He alone is in control.  He drives the bus and I ride alongside.  He is Lord – which doesn’t mean a part time when needed partner.  Lordship means He is the boss.  He is the decision maker.  He rules our life.  We still have free will, but our desire and actions should be to line up and be aligned with His will.  Our life should be about pleasing our Maker and Creator and living for Him.  Ezekiel’s vision moves to having honest measures to the importance of sacrifices and the details of how the prince is to make sure those are done properly and timely.

Sacrifices have to happen because of sin.  And since we keep on sinning, there was a pattern of sacrifice that God laid out.  But when we take Jesus as Savior, and make Him Lord, He becomes the sacrifice for our sin.  His blood mends the broken relationship that sin creates between us and a holy God.  Our response should be one of repentance and turning away from the sin that caused our problem in the first place, but we can’t do that on our own steam.  We need the power of God in us through the Holy Spirit, to help us keep Him on the throne and Jesus Lord of our life.  God not only desires, He ultimately requires that He is the center of our life just like the temple vision.  Is He there today in your life?

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