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Ezekiel 6

Ezekiel 6 has the prophet receiving another assignment from God – or more accurately more of the same.  “The word of the Lord came to me”.  When is the last time the word of the Lord came to you?  Do you hear from God regularly?  Are you listening?  I am confident that God is still speaking to us, but if you’re like me, He is likely having a hard time getting us the message because I don’t really spend much time listening.  My time with God is often pretty one way – me approaching His throne with an agenda of things I need His help with.  That is not how God wants us to relate. 

Remember what scripture says elsewhere?  “Be still and know that I am God”.  We need to approach his throne with the attitude we are there to hear.  Remember that God has already given us quite a bit to know and understand through His Word.  He wrote us a letter that tells us a majority of what we need to know to walk in obedience to His will.  But there are things God has for us individually, and we need to get into the habit of hearing His voice.  We need to listen so the word of the Lord can come to us. 

Ezekiel gets this assignment from God: “set your face toward the mountains of Israel, and prophesy against them”.  Certainly not an assignment that will make him popular – telling the people that they will be destroyed.  But it wasn’t to be his message.  God said tell them “hear the word of the Lord God….Thus says the Lord”.  Ezekiel was to be messenger – and to let the people know that they would be destroyed and killed.  Not a pleasant word to deliver.  Yet he faithfully served without fear because it was God’s message and the people needed to hear it.

Why does God do these things?  He is clear as He gives Ezekiel the instruction: “you shall know that I am the Lord….I will leave some of you alive….will remember me”.  God wants to clean up the sinful living and remove the idols and disobedience of His people.  But He wants them to know Him, and to know that He is God.  He wants to demonstrate that He alone is the true God and worthy of their praise.  And He wants to be sure to leave a few that can carry the message – remember His power and the touch of His hand – on the future.  God desires us to know Him.  He insists that we do, and Ezekiel has to deliver that message to God’s people.

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