Jeremiah 47

Jeremiah 47 has the prophet giving the word of the Lord that came to him concerning the Philistines. Jeremiah obviously spends lots of time with God.  And he is in listening mode.  We can learn much from him here.  He puts himself in a place that when God speaks to him, he can hear.  He isn’t so busy that he misses what God may be saying.  He makes time to communication and be in fellowship with God.  And as a result, God speaks truth regularly into his life.  Jeremiah writes down every word, often through his scribe, but he hears and records and repeats exactly what God says.

God gives us truth when we rightly handle it.  Prophets that weren’t faithful to listen or repeat God’s truth didn’t get it any more.  But Jeremiah shows us that over time, when we communicate with God with intention and the right motive and actions, God continues to communicate with us.  Often we are so busy with our own agenda and talking at God we miss completely what He has for us.  We don’t take time to read what He’s already written to us in His Word.  We don’t sit quietly and listen to what He has for us.  We are self-absorbed and focused on what we want Him to do for us.

Jeremiah here is given the word that the Philistines are going to be wiped out.  “The day is coming to destroy all the Philistines”.  God is going to take action.  “Men shall cry out, and every inhabitant of the land shall wail”.  It won’t be pretty.  God is going to destroy this people. And Jeremiah has been given the words to proclaim it.  God will be glorified as His words come to pass, and these people are punished to the point they perish.

God is a God of action.  He does what He says.  “How can it be quiet when the Lord has given it a charge”?  God never fails to do what He says He will do.  When He gives His word, it is a done deal.  That is what makes scripture so precious.  We can take God at His word.  We can depend on what He says as truth. We can literally bank our life on His promises, because He never fails.  He never comes up short.  God always does exactly what He has said.  Jeremiah records these words as a testimony to God’s faithfulness.  We have an entire book filled with His words coming true!

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