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Jeremiah 37

Jeremiah 37 has our prophet in hot water again.  Zedekiah has been made king of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar.  “But neither he nor his servants nor the people of the land listened to the words of the Lord that he spoke through Jeremiah the prophet”.  Throughout scripture we see the impact of leadership on how the people live.  Zedekiah did not follow God.  Guess what?  Neither did his people or servants or anyone else who was under his direction.  Parents shouldn’t be surprised that their children don’t walk with God if they don’t.  The simple truth is that people tend to do what they are led to do.

And things are not going well on that front.  The king is doing his own thing and ignoring God.  He does ask Jeremiah to prophecy and tell him what is to come.  And the answer is not good – that the city would be burned and his kingdom destroyed.  Jeremiah ends up delivering bad news again and again.  You have to be impressed with his obedience to God, because the news is certainly not always well received.  But he just keeps on telling the story and giving the news exactly as God gives it to him.  But that doesn’t make him popular.

In this chapter, Jeremiah went “to the land of Benjamin to receive his portion there among the people”.  He is minding his own business and as he enters the gate, he is false accused.  Jeremiah objects saying “it is a lie” but they don’t listen and “they beat him and imprisoned him”.  Jeremiah has had quite a string of prison days as he continues to serve God.  Certainly walking with God is now without cost, and is not something that everyone is going to be excited about.

In face, the days are coming when we will be under increasing persecution as Christ Followers in our time too.  Jeremiah appealed to King Zedekiah for some relief, and was transferred to a better place, but still remained under guard.  We need to begin preparing ourselves for the reality of what it means to walk in obedience to God.  What will you do if you are threatened for your faith?  Will you stand strong and face the persecution and punishment when it comes?  Or will you throw in the towel and walk away?  Many around the world are facing this today.  It will be upon us here soon enough.

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