Zephaniah 2

Zephaniah 2 continues the prophets warning of destruction that is to come.  God is ticked, and He will take action.  Zephaniah tells the people to “gather together….before the decree takes effect”.  Many times in scripture God has a plan to destroy people, but that isn’t His desire.  He loves us, and would rather find a way for us to work out the sin problem we have through repentance.  So history shows that on some occasions, intercession has worked and God has listened to the plea of His people, or in some cases like Moses, the intercession of one person.  That is what Zephaniah urges the people to do here.  Get together…..

There is power in community, particularly when that group of people is focused on serving and living God’s way.  Zephaniah tells them to do three things:

–       “seek the Lord

–       Seek righteousness

–       Seek humility

First we need to come to the Lord and recognize that He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  We need to get Him back in His rightful place as the Lord sitting on the throne of our lives.  He comes first.  He is central.  He must be Lord.

Then we need to seek righteousness.  We need to turn from our wicked and evil ways and follow God’s directions and plan for our life.  We need to move to obedience.  We tend to drift from that when self takes the wheel and we stop doing the things that God has commanded us.  We do what we want, not what God has instructed us to do.  The third directive Zephaniah gives is to seek humility.  We need to put ourselves in right position in relationship to God.  We are not the center of the universe, He is.  We are not in charge, He is.  We are servants to the Master.

Pride is a big problem for us.  It is that selfish approach that we are in charge and will do what we want as we are above God.  Big problem and very far from the truth.  God does not take kindly to that self centered attitude – He can’t stand pride which is described in scripture as ‘thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought’.  “This shall be their lot in return for their pride, because they taunted and boasted against the people of the Lord of hosts. The Lord will be awesome against them”.  We need to put God first and keep Him there.  When pride becomes our lifestyle, we’re going to go down.  I for one, don’t want to see the Lord’s awesomeness in action against me.  How about you?

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