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Psalm 135

Psalm 135 is pretty simple – it is all about the God we serve.  It begins with the psalmist reminding us “praise the Lord….praise the name of the Lord….give praise”.  What does that look like?  How do we praise the Lord?  There are lots of ways:

  • Think of Jesus’ life
  • Let awareness soak in
  • Start naming qualities or attributes for God
  • Thank Him
  • Utilize creation for your praising
  • Let Him take over as you express your deep love for God
  • Do things for others as praise
  • Pray within His will
  • Make a prayer journal
  • Praise Him through the storms in your life

One key thing is to really know God.  “I know that the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all gods”.  We need to spend the time to get to know God.  We need to understand how great our God is.  We need to put Him in His rightful place, above all else.

God is in control.  “Whatever the Lord pleases, he does, in heaven and on earth”.  God is absolutely the Creator and Maker of all.  And because of that, He is worthy of our praise.  But He is also worthy of our fear.  “You who fear the Lord, bless the Lord”.  We need to understand who the Lord is and where we stand in comparison.  Our job is to praise and bless the Lord.  He is worthy.  And if we know Him, we will fear Him, and that should cause us to bless Him by how we live!

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