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Psalm 80

Psalm 80 has the writer crying out to God.  Things aren’t going well.  The enemy has plucked the fruit.  The psalmist pleads “Restore us, O God….let your face shine, that we may be saved”.  The reality is that God alone can save us.  The psalmist knows that no amount of effort will correct this situation.  God alone is in control.  He alone can restore and save.  We are at His mercy, and will only be saved by His grace.  So what does he do?  He cries out to God for mercy.  He pleads for God to move.

The reality is that the enemy has come to kill, steal and destroy.  There is no other motivation.  The enemy wants to knock us down and makes us immobile.  The enemy wants to destroy our life.  He isn’t out to just derail our plans.  He is out for destruction.  And we will lose the battle if we fight it alone.  “But let your hand be on the man of your right hand, the son of man whom you have made strong for yourself”!  God has the power in His hand to take on the enemy and be victorious.  God alone is in control.

We long to see God work.  It begins with us having a relationship with Him.  We then need to cry out and plead for His power.  And it continues with us walking with Him day by day.  “Then we shall not turn back from you; give us life, and we will call upon your name”.  We need to walk in confidence with the God of the Universe.  We need to not turn back, but keep walking with Him knowing that He is the author of life, and will respond when we call out to Him.  He is a personal God.  He is always there.

What should we plead for?  “Restore us, O Lord God of hosts!  Let your face shine, that we may be saved”.   We need to seek restoration.  As fallen humans that have a sin problem, we need God to restore us to Himself.  We need to seek His grace which has been provided to us through the shed blood of Jesus on the Cross.  And then we need to seek His face and ask forgiveness that will lead unto salvation.  God alone can save.  We are on a one way road to nowhere without Him.  He stands ready.   He wants to draw us to Himself.  Oh that we would seek Him!

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