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Isaiah 34

Isaiah 34 reminds us to “draw near….to hear and give attention”.  Does that describe your walk with Christ?  Do you spend time in His presence listening and paying attention?  Or do you just do a spiritual drive by and drop off some requests and keep moving through life.  That seems to be how many of us relate to our Savior.  Busy life, lots to do, so we just load up a bunch of requests and drop them on Him briefly.  He knows what needs to be done anyway so we don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining.  Is that close in your life?  If you come to Him at all.

If we are going to hear, we have to stop and listen.  I know everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to communicate with someone who is reading their email, talking on their phone, or answering a text.  We may be in the area but are certainly not paying attention.  Isaiah here begins by reminding us that we need to give attention.  We are speaking to the Lord of the Universe when we pray.  We are in the presence of the Holy God when we come before Him.  He not only deserves, but demands our attention.

And in case we forget just who we are dealing with, Isaiah makes it pretty clear that God is not just some passive person.

–       “The Lord has a sword

–       The Lord has a sacrifice

–       The Lord has a day of vengeance

–       The Lord has a year of recompense

He is the real deal.  He has power and is not afraid to use it.  God is God, and He is in charge.  He will bring people to their place.  “He shall stretch the line of confusion over it, and the plumb line of emptiness”.  Without Him we will be confused and empty.  He is the source of fullness of life.

So how do we get things right with God?  “Seek and read from the book of the Lord”.  It isn’t rocket science.  We just need to spend time with Him.  We need to be in His Book and know it.  We need to seek His face through prayer and not only share our heart, but listen to His.  It is about spending time and being in relationship. It is about knowing Him so we can live according to His ways. He has written the guide book.  He has given us the instruction.  We simply need to seek His wisdom and instruction and then live by it.  Are you on that path?  If you are, it is the path to a great life with Him!  If not, it is time to change course and become a Christ Follower so you can experience His goodness and joy!

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