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2 Chronicles 17

2 Chronicles 17 is a great example of a leader that gets things right.  Jehoshaphat takes the throne after his father Asa.  He was building up the strength of his nation.  It was going well.  Why?  “The Lord was with Jehoshaphat, because he walked in the earlier ways of his father David. He did not seek the Baals, but sought the God of his father and walked in his commandments”.  Jehoshaphat had his priorities in order and his eyes set on the Father.  He walked in obedience.  He returned to God.

So what happens?  “Therefore the Lord established the kingdom in his hand“. Did you catch that?  THE LORD put Jehoshaphat where he was – kingdom in hand and wealth piling up.  Jehoshaphat may have done some things to fortify cities, but GOD is the One who established his kingdom.  It was God who was driving the outcome.  But wait, there’s more.  Look at what else resulted from God’s hand:

–       “all Judah brought tribute

–       he had great riches and honor

–       His heart was courageous in the ways of the Lord

–       he took the high places and the Asherim out of Judah

Jehoshaphat is living the good life with God.  Then he takes it to the next level – he takes the truth to the people.

He sent his officials….to teach….the Book of the Law of the Lord”.  Jehoshaphat wanted everyone to know God and His commandments.  So he sent out his leadership to where the people were, and they taught them.  “They went about through all the cities of Judah and taught among the people”.  This wasn’t some feeble attempt to train up a few.  He went after everyone – wanting to be sure that all knew God and His Word.  He taught broadly and widely.  And it worked, to the point that others were impacted that were just close.  “And the fear of the Lord fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that were around Judah”.  God’s Word changes lives.  If we learn it, it will impact us.

The lesson here is clear.  Strong leadership that is built on the knowledge of God’s Word and a relationship with the Father is as powerful as it gets.  Enemy kingdoms saw the impact of the teaching and came bearing gifts to Jehoshaphat.  They didn’t want to mess with a people that was connected to God.  And the impact on those in his kingdom was equally powerful.  “These were in the service of the king” referring to the warriors in his kingdom.  There were hundreds of thousands ready to go to battle. God’s truth focuses us.  It gets us on the same page. Jehoshaphat taught his kingdom and led them to a walk with God.  What a powerful gift!

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