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Ecclesiastes 6

Ecclesiastes 6 gives us some pearls of wisdom we can build upon.  The writer continues his clarity around vanity in living – how we focus on the wrong htings that don’t make us fulfilled and satisfied.  He reminds us again that stuff is not the answer.  Look at the “man to whom God gives wealth, possessions, and honor, so that he lacks nothing of all that he desires, yet God does not give him power to enjoy them, but a stranger enjoys them. This is vanity”.  Stuff won’t fulfill us.  Money is not the answer, no matter how much we acquire.  You don’t have to look far to find that the wealthy are often the most unhappy people of all.  It is not the key, and turns quickly to be vanity.

He continues and tells us that family is not the answer either.  He really exaggerates the fact by talking about a “man fathers a hundred children and lives many years, so that the days of his years are many, but his soul is not satisfied with life’s good things”.  Don’t mistake what is being said here.  Family matters and is a blessing.  But family alone does not fulfill, no matter how big it becomes.  A hundred kids is a bunch, but that won’t fill the God sized hole inside of us, even with all that love coming our way.  Only God can fill the hole in our hearts.  Anything else will not suffice.

He continues to illustrate it another way by saying “Even though he should live a thousand years twice over, yet enjoy no good”.  Time isn’t the answer either.  Living a thousand years is a long time, but that alone does not meet the deep needs in our life.  We have to find satisfaction in the Creator of time, not in the moment no matter how long it lasts.  He goes on to remind us that life goes quickly.  It is like a shadow.  It does not last forever.  And we never know when it will cease to be ours.  “For who knows what is good for man while he lives the few days of his vain life, which he passes like a shadow”?  We can only experience God’s plan for our life by lining up with His plan.

We can get sidetracked by our personal desires and chase things that really won’t satisfy.  “Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the appetite”.  We need to get focused on what God is doing and has told us will work.  It isn’t in wandering that we will find joy, but rather in walking in His ways and following His plan.  That is the power of knowing what He has given us as a path through His Word.  Are you in the Word finding the sight needed to walk with Him?  He has given us the map.  We just need to read and follow it!

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