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2 Chronicles 4

2 Chronicles 4 has a detailed description of the things that were created for inside the temple that Solomon built.  The details are very clear, and concise.  There is little room for error around what we created.  Why?  Why put all these things in scripture.  We don’t really understand it as times have definitely changed and our worship today is nothing even close to what Solomon created.  The measurements don’t mean anything, the items don’t seem to fit our understanding, so why does God put it all in the Bible?

It gives us the understanding that God cares about the small stuff.  God pays attention to all of it – not just the big things that happen in our lives – but down to the very small details and very specific measurements.  God is a God that can handle all of it.  Even with over 6B people on this planet, it isn’t too much for God.  He won’t run out of capacity to know about the very minute things in your life or mine.  He knows what we are dealing with. He knows the details of our struggles and challenges.  He is able, more than able, to keep track of what is going on.

So the recording of things that seem so trivial here is not to create boring reading, but rather to assure us that God cares.  He has and does and will.  We go on to read that “Hiram finished the work”.  That is something we can learn as well.  God has a plan for us.  In Hiram’s case, it was about creating the fine pieces that were inside the Temple.  Lots of details and lots of pieces.  But our lives are like that too.  We likely won’t be working with bronze creating artifacts for the church.  But we are working with time and resources that God has entrusted to us that we are responsible to use wisely to achieve the plans He has for us.

Solomon has a role in all this as the leader/overseer here too.  Often time we lose track of the difference between leadership and ministry.  We often get stuck in the ministry part of life – doing things to help others.  That is good, please don’t hear me wrong here.  But God sometimes calls us to lead rather than do.  Sometimes our part is to rally people and assemble the troops so they can minister.  That is often the role pastors ought to play, but often don’t because they just go do the work of the ministry as it is easier than trying to recruit, train and motivate those in the pews to go do the work.  “Solomon made all these things in great quantities….Solomon made all the vessels that were in the house of God”.  He didn’t really make them – he oversaw the making of them.  Solomon used his time for the highest and best use – which was supervising the construction.  He wasn’t skilled with bronze or silver or gold.  He could have learned, and maybe eventually created what was needed given enough time.  But he found the right resource to do the task at hand and his role was to project manage and be sure things got done.  That too is ministry – but done through the power of leadership.  Don’t get caught in the trap that the only thing that matters is to go do the work of the ministry.  Listen carefully to God’s instruction on where you fit in.  It may be providing resources as a giver.  It may be leading as an organizer.  Or it may actually be doing as a server.  But God alone can give that clarity.  Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness – let Him direct your paths!

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