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1 Kings 5

1 Kings 5 has Solomon going to work on a dream that his father David had – to build a house for the Lord.  He reached out to Hiram who was king of Tyre for assistance, as the best timber were “cedars of Lebanon” which Solomon wanted to use for the construction.  Solomon reminds us of the challenges his daddy had.  “You know that David my father could not build a house for the name of the Lord his God because of the warfare with which his enemies surrounded him, until the Lord put them under the soles of his feet”.  He was constantly under attack from all sides and spent his life defending his people and protecting his land.

Solomon is now is a very different place that his father David ever experienced.  “But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side. There is neither adversary nor misfortune”.  He has the freedom to do something other than fighting.  “I intend to build a house for the name of the Lord my God”.  He picks up David’s dream and decides to build the tabernacle, just the way God had instructed.  God had give the marching orders many years ago, but now is the right time to execute.

Solomon approaches Hiram for help. He needs workers and access to the trees.  And they hit it off and Hiram grants permission.  Solomon was filled with wisdom and fulfilled his place as “a wise son to be over this great people”.  Hiram has his people cut the timber and get it down to the sea so it can be tied into rafts and floated to Solomon.  It was a huge project and took many men to get it done.  Solomon pays for this with wheat and oil.  And the transaction was completed by year end.

Solomon continues to lead well.  “The Lord gave Solomon wisdom, as he promised him”.  Talk about being equipped for the job.  God pours his wisdom into Solomon who uses it to lead his people well.  He and Hiram reach a treaty.  Solomon drafts about 30,000 men from Israel to help with the project.  He also had 150,000 others who were “burden-bearers and stonecutters” from the hill country.  They rotated in monthly shifts with one on and two off.  And it took 3300 chief officers to oversee the project – a huge number of people to create this project.  But Solomon’s request for wisdom was exactly what was needed to do this job well, and complete it according to the plan.  God prepared and equipped him for the job at hand!

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