Proverbs 7

Proverbs 7 begins with a focus on getting God’s truth into our lives.  Solomon tells us to:

–       “keep my words

–       treasure up my commandments

–       keep my commandments and live

–       keep my teaching as the apple of your eye

–       bind them on your fingers

–       write them on the tablet of your heart

Do you get the message here?  In six different ways he tells us to take in God’s Word and keep it close.  Live it and have it with you at all times.  He doesn’t just mean stick a Bible in your pocket either.  He is telling us to memorize and meditate on His Word.  We have to “have it” inside us.

Why does it matter?  Because the rest of the chapter is about a young man dealing with the temptation of an adulteress luring him.  So what does that have to do with knowing God’s Word?  Three key words….”to keep you”.  God’s Word is how we deal with the temptations that come our way.  This is a long story of how a forbidden woman uses her prowess to lure a young man to her bedroom.  He fell right into the trap and was overwhelmed by her words “Come, let us take our fill of love till morning; let us delight ourselves with love”.  As Solomon writes the story, you can see the bad outcome coming from a mile away.  But this young man is in the middle of it all and can’t see it.  He just responds to the lies and “he does not know that it will cost him his life”.

While these verses talk specifically about sexual sin and being tempted by an adulterous, it is about far more. “With much seductive speech she persuades him; with her smooth talk she compels him”.  It describes the way temptations in all areas of life happen.  We are drawn to do things that sound so inviting on the outside, and we slowly move closer and closer to see if there really is a fire there that will burn us, and before you know it we have slipped over the line and moved from temptation to sin.  And sin is a big deal – it will cost us our lives.  Here is the reality:

  • Sin always takes you further than you meant to go
  • keeps you longer than you meant to stay and
  • costs you more than you can afford to pay

The reality is that sin is fatal, and sin is eternal.  It will keep us from eternity with God.  The good news is that God did make a way for us to deal with our sin problem.  Jesus went to the cross to allow that eternal problem to be covered by His blood and our account to be moved from one side of the ledger to God’s side.  He paid the price for our sin.  But it requires that we receive that gift of grace, and we make it our own.  We have to allow Him to become our Savior and Lord which is more than a cursory thought – it requires a relationship with the Son.  We have to invite Him to take residence in our heart and become our own.  We have to put the weight of our life in His hands…..sit on His love and forgiveness as the chair if you will…..and put our entire weight on Him.  Solomon tells us the best outcome for temptation: “Let not your heart turn aside to her ways; do not stray into her paths”.  We can choose not to sin.  It is a choice.  No one makes us sin.  We choose to do it every time it happens.  And when we do, we need a Savior.  We need an answer to that sin problem.  Jesus is the only answer.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  Apart from Him, we will not spend eternity with God.  What have you done with Jesus?

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