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Song of Solomon 8

Song of Solomon 8 finishes this book that Solomon penned.  It begins with the concept of family – that when we bring Jesus into our heart – we become part of the family of God.  In fact, scripture says we become a ‘child of God’ and are born again.  The reality is that our ‘sonship’ is really a very important truth.  It is where the assurance of salvation comes from. When we become born again, when we become a child of God, we enter a relationship that can never be changed.

We need to look at our salvation like that of our physical birth.  We may not like our parents.  We may do everything we can to get away from and even try to disown them, but they are still our parents.  We can never change that.  And when we are born again, we are His child for eternity.  It is that family that we become part of that is our assurance for the future.  God loves us.  He won’t leave us nor forsake us.  He labored for us and birthed us as His children through the sacrifice of His only Son on the cross.

Solomon goes on to remind us “Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it“.  God’s love never ends.  He doesn’t give up on us.  The famous writing that says when it appeared there were only one set of footprints during the most difficult times of our life, it was then that God was carrying us in His arms.  That is the way He loves us.  He never turns away.  He may go silent and wait for us to come to our senses and return to our ‘first love’, but His love can never be quenched.  His love can not be drowned out.

God doesn’t just love us in the collective.  He loves us totally as individuals.  “Then I was in His eyes”.  God has a special love for you, and for me.  Jesus went to the cross for your specific sins.  He died there to set you free from the things that will prevent you from eternity with God if they are not dealt with.  He loves you that much.  He loves you that way.  This is a very personal relationship.  It is you and Jesus.  Do you have that?  Are you tight with Jesus?  He loves you that much.

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