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Song of Solomon 6

Song of Solomon 6 talks about the death of Christ as it begins.  How Jesus was buried in the garden in “beds of spices”.  Jesus will “graze in the gardens” which refers to being in the churches which are His body and focus.  And as He loves us there, we can become “lilies” that are made white by His blood.  The saving power of Jesus death and resurrection has been given to us so set us free from the penalty of sin.   Jesus died to be our payment for the sin we are all guilty of.  He covers us.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”.  Does that describe your relationship with Jesus?  It is a two way love.  Jesus loves us – He already proved that in His willingness to carry our sin to the cross and die there to redeem us.  God proved it in sending His only Son to die.  So there is no question whether God loves us through Jesus.  But what is your response.  Knowing that God loves me is not enough.  Knowing that Jesus died is not enough.

The key to a relationship is that it has to be two way – we have to love God in the same manner as He loves us.  We’ll never love Him as much as He loves us, but we need to love Him to the level we are able.  We need to make Him ours, just like He has made us His.  Do you love Jesus that way? He truly yours?  Have you got a personal relationship with Him?  The writer calls Him “beautiful….lovely….awesome”.  Do you know Jesus enough to be able to talk with Him that way?  The same can be said about our relationship with our wife or husband.  Do you have a relationship where you are theirs and they are yours?  That  is what love really looks like.  God’s love is all in all the time.

The writer also says “my perfect one, is the only one”.  That is never more true than thinking about Jesus.  There is no other.  There is not a plan B.  Eternal life, God’s love, is all wrapped up in Jesus.  We can’t get to God through any other course.  It is the single plan for us to follow.  We often try other routes.  We try to do it ourself by being good and living well.  But we’ll fail.  We try to buy our way to some grace through giving and serving.  Those are good actions, but they will fall short.  Jesus is the only way.  The Bible is very clear on that.  So it comes down to the question ‘what have you done with Jesus’?  Is He your Savior and Lord?  If not, why not?  If not now, when?  Make sure that you can say Jesus is my beloved.  He is mine.

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