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Song of Solomon 3

Song of Solomon 3 has the bride seeking her spouse.  Looking everywhere but unable to find him.  “I will rise now and go about the city, in the streets and in the squares; I will seek him whom my soul loves”.  Love makes us pursue.  Love causes us to seek.  Love never gives up.  This is how God looks upon us.  He pursues us non stop.  He continues to seek us even when we are not willing to let Him find us.  He goes about trying to find us.

Jesus gave His life because He loved us.  Even while we were yet sinners, He died for us.  He was unwilling to let us perish without His sacrifice of love. He went to the cross to cover our sin. His grace was given freely for you and me, not because He had to do it, but because He was pursuing us and loved us enough to give His life for us.  Have you considered just how much Jesus loves you?  Have you stopped to consider just how much He has done to pay the price for our sin?  He is the sacrifice that sets us free.

Finally the bride finds her groom.  And when she does she says “I held him”.  We need to cling to Jesus.  We need to seek Him and find Him and hang on with all we are.  Jesus wants to enter into our lives and set us free from the penalty and the guilt of sin.  “I held him and would not let him go”.  That is how we need to hang on to the Savior.  He paid the price for our sin.  He is the solution to our problems.  He will set us free.  But we have to let Him in.  We have to choose Him as the One that will cover our sin.  Have you?  Jesus loves you, this I know.  Do you love Him?

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