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Song of Solomon 1

Song of Solomon 1 is the beginning of a book that is rather different in all of scripture.  Solomon wrote this book – it describes his love and the people around him, but also foreshadows the love of Jesus for the church.  I won’t pretend to understand all that is contained here.  I’ll challenge you to dig in and use some of the great teaching on this by Tommy Nelson or others, who can bring this to light in today’s context.  My goal will be to try and pique your interest to go deeper.

Solomon writes “you love is better than wine”.  That should define what love is for all of us – that we have a love that satisfies more than anything we might take in.  Love the way God designed it is better than most anything – true love is the definition of God.  It is putting others ahead of self.  It is making them the center of life.  It is how God loves us.  He sent His only Son – Jesus Christ – to the cross to die for our sin.  It wasn’t that He was obligated to do it.  It wasn’t that He had to do it.  God chose to love us to the point that He sacrificed His Son to save us from our eternal destination apart from Him.  That is love God’s way.  That is what He calls us to.

The passage includes these words: “my own vineyard I have not kept”.   Part of getting love right is taking care of ourselves.  Not just on the inside, but physically as well.  Sometimes we get consumed with how we look and interact with others, and we ignore the key to being able to love God’s way, which is having a vibrant spirit, soul and body ourselves.  We can’t love well if we don’t first love ourselves well.  That means having a growing walk with Jesus, at the soul level caring for our mind, will and emotions, and physically taking care of our bodies – health, exercise, eating right and all that goes with that.  We have to keep our own vineyard.

Solomon refers to “my beloved” and talks aobut spending time.  Part of loving well – God’s way – is to put people in the right place.  Often we manage to elevate ourselves to the throne of our life.  We push God off that throne, and often push others out to the fringe of life and make living all about me and what I want and deserve.  If we are going to love God’s way, others have to take a high place in our life.  God has to be on the throne, and we must put aside our own selfish desires for the sake of others.  It is not the normal human response.  But it is what happens when God is in control!

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