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Psalm 72

Psalm 72 is a prayer for the king.  It begins with requests for what the king should do:

–       “defend the cause of the poor

–       give deliverance to the children of the needy

–       crush the oppressor delivers the needy

–       pity on the weak

–       saves the lives of the needy

–       redeems their life

Pretty strong stuff.  The king is to take action to protect those less fortunate. He is to intervene.

The prayer goes on to describe what will happen from those in his patch:

–       “fear you while the sun endures

–       may the righteous flourish

–       peace abound

–       dominion from sea to sea

–       desert tribes bow down before him

–       his enemies lick the dust

–       render him tribute

–       bring gifts

–       kings fall down before him

–       all nations serve him

When we pray, it is not just for what we want God to do in us, but to those in our patch.

And the psalmist wraps up the chapter with there requests about how the king will be viewed and treated:

–       “his name endure forever

–       his fame continue

–       people be blessed in him

–       call him blessed

God is all about having us in the details of life.  Whether we are praying for things we do, outcomes we desire, or treatment we would like to receive, God hears them all.  He is waiting to come alongside us and answer our prayer!

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