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Psalm 97

Psalm 97 begins with these words.  “The Lord reigns”.  Three simple yet profound words that give truth in such a powerful way.  God is in charge.  It is that simple.  He is in complete control, even when from our human perspective it doesn’t seem or feel like it.  That is what we have to keep in mind.  We only see things from our very limited viewpoint. God sees things in its entirety without limitation.  God sits on His throne above all and reigns from a place of complete understanding and knowledge.  God is large, and in charge!

The next four words are equally important.  “Let the earth rejoice”.  That should be our response to the truth that the Lord reigns.  Knowing that God is in control should be the most comforting and exciting thing we can know.  God is worthy of our praise.  We should be jumping up and down for joy knowing that He is in charge.  Yet we either tend to forget that truth completely, or even want to treat it like a negative that limits our freedom.  That’s a very shortsighted view.  God is in control and we should rejoice and be glad in it.  Not having to wonder who is running things should be a very comforting reality.

So how does God reign?  “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne”.  There is clarity around who God is and the very nature and character He has.  God is righteous.  God is just.  We don’t have to wonder about those things.  He is consistent.  He is the same day after day.  And while that may seem a bit scary given the reality that He will deal with us based on that righteousness, it also should assure us of what His expectations and actions will be.  He is consistent and just.  He will hold us to His standards of righteousness.

The majority of this chapter goes on to explain just how awesome our God is.  He is not like anything else.  “For you, O Lord, are most high over all the earth; you are exalted far above all gods”.  God is alone in where He fits in this Creation.  He is Creator.  He is God.  There is none like Him.  And as such He sits alone on the throne.  He is in control.  He is the source of life, and the source of judgment.  Our response should be one of obedience to His will, and exaltation of His glory.  “Rejoice in the Lord….and give thanks to His holy name”!

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