2 Samuel 23

Samuel 23 begins with “Now these are the last words of David”.  Wow – time to sit up and listen.  What we have here is the last will and testament of King David.  He has settled the crown upon Solomon, and is now ready to give us the final thoughts.  When that happens, it is time to sit up and listen carefully and remember what we are told.  David is a special man.  Check out what we learn about his words:

the oracle of the man who was raised on high

the anointed of the God of Jacob

the sweet psalmist of Israel

The Spirit of the Lord speaks by me

His word is on my tongue

These are not ordinary words.  They are God inspired.  God spoken.  He begins by speaking truth about leadership.  “When one rules justly over men, ruling in the fear of God, he dawns on them like the morning light, like the sun shining forth on a cloudless morning, like rain that makes grass to sprout from the earth”.  Ruling well causes a great outcome.  Leadership provides light and rain to make things grow and become what they can be.  Leadership matters.  At home, in marriage, in families, at work, at church.  We all lead someone.  We are all leaders and leading all the time.

David is clear that his blessing comes from God.  “For does not my house stand so with God? For he has made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things and secure. For will he not cause to prosper all my help and my desire”?  David makes it clear.

  1. He stands with God
  2. He has a covenant with God
  3. He will prosper because of God

It isn’t about him, it is all about God and the relationship they have.

The balance of the chapter calls out the mighty men by name.  There are three groups listed:

  1. The first three – the guys who have done the greatest things with David – Adino, Eleazar and Shammah.
  2. The next three – these guys were above the rest, but not quite at the level of the first set – Abishai, Benaiah, and the      third unnamed.
  3. And then the 31 remaining are named – they were with David and fought mightily

David didn’t do it alone.  He had a group of men who surrounded him and kept him safe and fought by his side.  It is key to success in leading.  Who are on your list of mighty men and women that you will go to battle with?   We are in a war with the enemy.  We need people we can depend on and trust to go to battle with us.  Do you have them?

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