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2 Samuel 22

2 Samuel 22 begins with David praising God.  “David spoke to the Lord the words of this song on the day when the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies”.  How should we respond when God works in our life?  We should praise Him.  Praise Him.  It is that simple.  And it is personal, very personal.  Look at how David talks about His relationship with God.  “The Lord is…

  • my rock
  • my fortress
  • my deliverer
  • my God
  • my rock
  • my shield
  • my salvation
  • my stronghold
  • my refuge
  • my savior

This is not some theoretical relationship – this is very personal.  And that is how God wants it – He wants to be mine.  He wants me to be His.

David tells us the story.  He is being pursued.  His enemies are all over him.  David is overwhelmed and does the one thing he can do.  “I call upon the Lord….and I am saved from my enemies….In my distress I called upon the Lord….he heard my voice….Then the earth reeled and rocked….because he was angry”.  He cries out, and God hears.  When overcome by the circumstances, David cries to God.  God hears.  God responds.  God saves.

So what happens?  God rescues David.  Check out how God responded to David’s plea for help:

–       “Smoke went up from his nostrils

–       devouring fire from his mouth

–       glowing coals flamed forth from him

–       He bowed the heavens and came down

–       thick darkness was under his feet

–       He rode on a cherub and flew

–       He was seen on the wings of the wind

–       He made darkness around him his canopy, thick clouds, a gathering of water

–       fire flamed forth

–       The Lord thundered from heaven

–       the Most High uttered his voice

–       He sent out arrows and scattered them

–       lightning, and routed them

–       He sent from on high

–       He took me

–       He drew me out of many waters

–       He rescued me from my strong enemy

–       the Lord was my support

–       He brought me out into a broad place

–       He rescued me

Wow – quite a response to David’s cry for help isn’t it?  God is able, He is listening, and He stands ready to act.  The question is – do we pray?  Do we seek His face?  Are we watching His hand?

Seems like quite a response doesn’t it?  What did David do to get God to act that powerfully?  First of all – David asked.  He cried to God.  He didn’t try and fix it himself.  He admitted there was a need for God’s help and he asked for it.  But scripture also tells us this wasn’t the first time David had talked with God.  They were in a relationship, a deep relationship.  In fact, David lived, or attempted to live, the way God desired.  Scripture says God responded “according to the cleanness of my hands he rewarded me….I have kept the ways of the Lord….from his statutes I did not turn aside….I was blameless before him….I kept myself from guilt….and the Lord has rewarded me according to my righteousness, according to my cleanness in his sight”.  Want a reason to walk closely with God?  Here is an example of a really good one.  God hears the cries of His own.  David was not perfect.  He was sinner just like the rest of us.  He killed people.  He did things that make us look like angels.  Yet he dealt with those sins, got right with God, and lived as well as He could in God’s presence.  And He reached out to God as His Rock.  Are you walking with Jesus day by day?  Are you building that relationship with the Father?

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