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Psalm 64

Psalm 64 has the psalmist again pleading to God to hear him.  He is under attack.  “Preserve my life from dread of the enemy”.  There are all sorts of “secret plots of the wicked…..who whet their tongues like swords”.  So often evil attacks from so many ways.  Sometimes it is a physical attack, and other times it is subtle, like words.  The enemies of God, be they people we can see, or the unseen forces of evil, have one common goal which is to destroy us and our testimony for God.

But God is able to protect us.  God is able to defeat any enemy who may pursue us.  We need to call out, like the psalmist does, to seek God’s help.  We need to pray continually for God’s watch care and protection.  We need to ask for His hedge of protection.  And we need to seek His action.  “But God shoots his arrow at them; they are wounded suddenly. They are brought to ruin”.  God is able, more than able, to take care of the situation and take out any enemy.  What we have to do is invite Him into the battle.

I love what the psalmist says happens when God moves this way.  “Then all mankind fears; they tell what God has brought about and ponder what he has done”.  When God destroys the enemy, we need to tell the story of His goodness.  We need to let the world know what God has done.  We need to shout His blessing.  “Let the righteous one rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in him! Let all the upright in heart exult”!  We need to rejoice in what God does and take refuge in Him as we praise and exalt His name.  There is so much to praise God for.  And as we do, those in our patch will hear of God’s love and protection and fear Him.  Our praise will bring others to understand just how awesome our God is!

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