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Psalm 62

Psalm 62 describes how the psalmist sees God.  He talks about what he knows to be true about God.  And the list is long:

–       “For God alone my soul waits in silence

–       from him comes my salvation

–       He only is my rock

–       my salvation

–       my fortress

–       I shall not be greatly shaken

–       my hope is from him

–       He only is my rock

–       my salvation

–       my fortress

–       I shall not be shaken

–       On God rests my salvation

–       my glory

–       my mighty rock

–       my refuge

Wow – that is quite a list about the God who created the universe and you and me.  He is awesome.  He is our rock.  He is our salvation.  He is our fortress.  He is our refuge.  He is our strength.

So what?  That may be your response.  Well the answer is ‘so a lot’.  This list describes what we can receive if we put God where He belongs in our life.  It tells us what can be ours.  So what should we do?  “Trust in Him at all times…..pour out your heart before Him”.  God wants a relationship with us.  He wants to have us trust in Him.  Not in ourselves, but in His power and His faithfulness and His strength.  And He wants it to come from our heart.  He wants us to seek His goodness and be in relationship with Him.

Why does that matter?  “For You will render to a man according to his work”.  God may be a whole lot of great things – but He is also judge and jury.  He also will determine our eternity based on how we live.  God is going to give us what we deserve – which is eternal separation from Him unless we have lived a perfect life.  Of course none of us make it on our own, which is why Jesus had to come and shed His blood on the cross.  He is how we can deal with the sin problem we have and how we receive the rendering of eternal life with our God.  Is Jesus part of your story?  Have you given your life to Him and received the gift of grace from our God?  Today can be the day of salvation!

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