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Psalm 13

Psalm 13 is a chapter longing for God and relationship.  “Will you forget me forever….how long will you hide your face from me”?  It can feel sort of lonely at times in our walk with God.  We can convince ourselves that God doesn’t care, and that we are on the journey of life all by ourselves.  That is never the case – God is always there – but sometimes we just lose that connection.  How does it happen?  There are lots of things that can cause relationships to go dark and seem like they are ended.  That seems to be how the psalmist feels as he writes this chapter.

Our walk with God is truly a relationship – it is like any relationship we are in.  Relationships are two sided.  Relationships take investment and time.  Relationships are hard work.  I often find when someone says that God is gone – He is AWOL in their journey together – that a few common traits pop up.  Often they have stopped praying and reading God’s Word.  Often they blame God that He isn’t meeting them halfway.  Often they have something in their life that they know is wrong but they are unwilling to repent and give it up.  Often they have moved away from God themselves but want God to pursue them and do all the work.

The reality is that God doesn’t move.  So if you don’t feel close to Him, I can pretty much guarantee where the problem lies.  Take a good look in the mirror to discover that truth.  But God is always pursuing us. He is always trying to draw us back into relationship.  But that is what He desires – a relationship.  Not a time where we dump our problems and ask Him to fix them, and our way at that.  Not a situation where we can use Him when we need help and then put Him on the shelf when we think we have it under our control again.  That isn’t a relationship.  It won’t work.

The way to get back on a strong walk with God is to lean into Him when times seem dry.  It is to spend more time in prayer and in His Word when it feels like He isn’t speaking. You don’t build a relationship by sitting back and waiting to see what happens.  You build a relationship by doubling down in the tiem you invest, the work you do, the focus you place on it.  The psalmist finally comes to that realization when he writes: “I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.  I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me”.  We need to remember God’s blessings and rejoice in them.  We need to sing praises to Him and honor Him for who He is.  We need to praise His holy name and recall His goodness.  That is how you restore a relationship – you focus on the other person – you become other centered.  You want to walk well with God – put Him first.  The rest will fall into place!

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