Psalm 12

Psalm 12 speaks of a very bad culture.  People have lost their way.  “The godly one is gone….faithful have vanished….everyone utters lies…double heart they speak”.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  As much as we may want to believe that man is good, we aren’t.  We are pretty pathetic in fact.  We have to be careful who we hang out with.  Being in the presence of people like these will only cause us to tend to fall into those same sorts of behavior.  We need to pay attention to those in our patch.

With our tongue we will prevail, our lips are with us”.  The tongue is a powerful thing.  It has the ability to build up or tear down.  With it we can speak things that impact people very positively, or we can destroy.  We have to handle our tongue well.  It is a powerful gift from God that can do so much good when used right.  It does require us to be intentional about how we use it however.  Anything less than intention will get us in trouble real fast.

God says “I will now arise”.  God is not held back.  He is able to do what He chooses.  He will complete His plan no matter what we may choose to do.  Our failure to control our tongue, our attitude, our choices, even our life will not limit what He can do.  God is able – more than able – to do all that He desires.  We also see here that “the words of the Lord are pure words”. God doesn’t have any agenda beyond truth.  He wants to have us understand His truth and live by it.  He is not in the manipulation business, or spinning things.  His Word is just plain truth.  We need to read it, and heed it!

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