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Psalm 86

Psalm 86 begins with these words from the psalmist: “Incline your ear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy”.  Sometimes we may think that scripture just doesn’t apply to us today – which is absolutely not true – but I certain feel this way often – poor and needy.  Life can be pretty overwhelming some days can’t it.  We can get so consumed by the chaos of the day that we lose perspective and get lost in the shuffle of life.  But God is always there and listening.  We never face that chaos alone.  And we can trust Him to hear and answer no matter what state we are in.

The psalmist goes on to pray for safety and then says a couple of very important things.  As he asks God to preserve his life, and this isn’t some figurative thing but a real heartfelt need, he lists a couple characteristics of their relationship – “I am godly….trusts in you”.  There is a relationship here between the writer and God.  This isn’t some SOS prayer that has no foundation.  Relationship matters – particularly with God.  We need to be walking with Him day by day so we can just reach out and have conversation and share our heart about the curves that life throws us.

For to you do I cry all the day….I lift up my soul”.  This is real life.  The psalmist is trying to manage life and just get through.  But he knows the source of that ability is not digging deeper in himself, but seeking the power of God.  He lists the character of God that gives confidence:

–       “good

–       Forgiving

–       Steadfast in love

–       Grace”

We serve a God who loves us and is able to meet our every need.  And there is a history, a long history of all that God has done.  “For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God”.

He asks that God “teach me your way….that I may walk in your truth”.  It is so important that we understand how God loves us so we can live life His way.  That means we need to dig into His scripture and be in tune with His love.  “I give thanks to you….I will glorify your name forever”.  This is not a relationship based on the need of the moment.  This is true fellowship between the psalmist and God – and what we all need to be creating and living with.  God love us – “for great is your steadfast love toward me”.  We don’t have to convince God to love us – He always has and always will.  We just need to focus on being in relationship with Him. That translates into time, and sharing our heart with the Father.  Are you living that way?  Are you experiencing the wonder of God in your patch?

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