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2 Samuel 12

2 Samuel 12 is a sobering chapter.  David has just committed a grave sin in the previous chapter as he gets Uriah killed and takes Bathsheba for his wife.  He thought he had gotten away with it and covered his tracks.  But then the knock comes because “the Lord sent Nathan to David”.  Here is the reality.  We can try and hide sin.  We can fool those around us, sometimes even those closest to us.  But God is never in the dark about what we do or the sin we commit.  There is no hiding sin from God.

Nathan tells a story and “David’s anger was greatly kindled….‘the man who has done this deserves to die’ was David’s response to the tale Nathan told.  It was a story of sin and covetousness, of taking advantage of someone weaker.  David was furious and then Nathan dropped the bomb and said “You are the man”.  David stepped right into that one.  Talk about letting the air out of the sails.  Nathan spoke truth and it was squarely aimed at David.  Can you imagine that task?  Nathan has to come and confront the king about sin.  That took a lot of courage, but he wasn’t done yet.

Nathan blasts David with the truth of how God has blessed him.  “Thus says the Lord:

–       I anointed you king

–       I delivered you out

–       I gave you your master’s house and your master’s wives

–       I would add to you as much more

How could David do this after all the blessing God had given to him?  Seems pretty short sighted and dumb doesn’t it?  But that is what sin does to us.  It causes us to make very bad choices and to go brain dead around what we know to be true.  “Why have you despised the word of the Lord” was the question Nathan asks.  It is the same question we have to ask ourselves when we make the choice to sin.  And let’s be clear – sin is a choice.  David made that choice freely of his own will knowing it was wrong and violated God’s laws.  We do it as well.  There is no one to blame but ourselves.

God says things are going to happen as a result – evil will rise in David’s own house and his wives will go lie with other men.  But the big impact would be “the child who is born to you shall die” which is exactly what happens.  It is important to note that David confessed right after Nathan brought his sin into the light.  He didn’t deny what he had done, or make excuses.  “I have sinned against the Lord” was his response to the confrontation.  But here is the reality – confession that we have sinned does not undo the consequences of that sin.  It does not remove the result.  Our confession and repentance can take away the sin in God’s eyes regarding us through the shed blood of Jesus, but consequences still happen.  Results still occur.

This child dies after seven days.  It was a very sad time for David.  He spent the week while the child was sick on his face fasting and praying for God to heal the boy.  It didn’t happen.  “David therefore sought God on behalf of the child. And David fasted and went in and lay all night on the ground”.  Sin takes its toll and is not changed just because we are sorry and pray.  David is restored because of his repentance, but the child still dies.  God does bless him though as Bathsheba bears another son – Solomon – who goes on to be the wisest man ever.  But it wasn’t without severe consequence and pain.  Sin is a terrible thing.  The cost of sin is often so much more than we expect.  We have to deal with that temptation before we fall and allow sin to take root in our life!

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