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Psalm 67

Psalm 67 is a short chapter about the God we serve.  The focus is on the glory of God and how we should relate to Him.  It really talks about how we should approach the Father.  Listen to what the psalmist says:

–       “May God be gracious to us – we don’t deserve it, but God’s nature is to love and give us what we don’t deserve – that is grace

–       And bless us – every good and perfect gift is from God – it is His way of loving us

–       And make his face to shine upon us” – God’s love is like the sunshine and His goodness happens when we seek His face, not His hands.

We need to stay focused on the reality that God is the One who not only blesses us but we don’t really deserve all that He gives us.  In fact, we don’t truly deserve any of it.  That is what makes this relationship so unusual.  In human terms, it makes no sense.  We don’t typically show the kind of grace that God has given to us.  We return what we are given, and that is no where close to the blessing that God pours on us.  God’s grace is amazing.  And when you throw in the mercy He shows by not giving us what we really deserve, along with the grace of His blessing but more importantly His Son and Jesus’ death on the cross – you have the definition of grace.

So why should we be sharing God’s grace with those around us – and letting the world know how blessed we are?

–       “that your way may be known on earth – we need to shout God’s glory and blessing to those around us

–       your saving power among all nations – we need to shout God’s salvation and the grace of Jesus Christ blood

–       Let the peoples praise you – we need to praise Him with voice and not just behind church doors

–       Let the nations be glad and sing for joy – we need to let God’s love shine in our countenance and singing

–       for you judge the peoples with equity – we need to remember that God is judge, not us, and we will stand before Him

–       guide the nations upon earth” – we need to make sure God is our compass and GPS and we follow His guidance and truth

God is worthy of our praise.  He alone deserves the glory.  He is King.  Are you making sure everyone in your patch knows that God is God?

We need to praise God – all of us.  It should be part of every day, not just an hour or two on Sunday mornings.  It should define our life and our living.  The psalmist says “let all the peoples praise you”.  It isn’t something preachers or priests should do.  It is for all of us.  God has blessed us.  “The earth has yielded its increase”.  That came from God and will come from God in the future.  He alone makes the yield come.  We need to recognize His blessing and just praise Him.  “Let all the ends of the earth fear him” and may that begin with you and me!

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