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1 Chronicles 13

1 Chronicles 13 is a repeat of 2 Samuel 6 for the most part.  But at the start of this chapter, we get a big leadership lesson from David.  You will recall from the 2 Samuel reading, that David now has 30,000 men.  Here we learn that “David consulted with the commanders of thousands and hundreds, with every leader”.  David was a busy guy.  But we learn that he made time and took time to meet with every leader of his troops.  Not just the guys at the top, but each and every leader.  Whether they were leading hundreds or thousands, David made time to connect.

Too often we lose sight of the folks who are doing the work.  We tend to spend our time with the few leaders at the top and wonder why the morale is so poor in the trenches.  David has lived in the trenches and seen his army grow significantly as God methodically moved him to the throne.  But David never forgets that battles are won by the men who do the fighting, and he makes time to spend it with each and every leader so they felt part of the team.

He also shows us some leadership as he comes to the people to ask about their willingness to help bring their people back that have been scattered.  “Let us send abroad…..that they may be gathered to us”.  David works to build consensus among the people to restore everyone back home.  Did he need to?  No, he could have made that decision as he is the king.  But he realized the power of getting people on board.  So he takes the time, makes the time to get buy in all around.

All the assembly agreed to do so, for the thing was right in the eyes of all the people”.  And he got buy in by all.  They heard his suggestion and agreed to do so.  It was the decision of the people, not just the throne.  That is a big deal – when you are focused on getting people on the bus and focused on reaching agreement.  David gives us great leadership training as he takes the throne and leads the people. 

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