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1 Chronicles 8

1 Chronicles 8 contains the listing of the tribe of Benjamin.  It is a pretty long and uneventful list.  And unfortunately, nothing really jumps out as terribly noteworthy.  It is interesting that as we wrap up the list of genealogies, a couple of tribes are not even mentioned.  And the writer here, while writing through the inspiration of God, doesn’t feel compelled to try and make it perfect and complete by man’s standards.  He wrote as God’s Spirit moved and didn’t get caught up in anything else.

There is one line in this chapter that jumped out at me: “these were the heads of fathers’ houses, according to their generations, chief men”.  There are some men that are called out as leaders.  They are heads – chief men.  In every generation leaders come to the top.  Sometimes that leadership is based on genetics – the family someone is born into.  We see that often in those ruling in some countries or other political positions.
But leadership is often something that we have to earn.  The definition of being a leader in and of itself means that we have to create that role for our life.  A leader is one who has someone following.  You can’t be a leader if you look behind and no one is coming along.  So while these men were likely born into this position in their family, they were recognized as leaders “according to their generations”.  That is a second part of being a leader – that someone recognizes it.  Obviously the guys on this list were acknowledged as such.

We all need to pay attention to the role that God has called us to fulfill.  God has a plan – and for the home – men need to realize that there is a responsibility to lead their spouse and kids and lead them well.  We are to be the chief men – not to lord over our families – but to lead and love them God’s way.  Are you leading God’s way?  Are you really stepping up to be the leader God has called you to be?  Is anyone following?

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