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Psalm 49

Psalm 49 begins with “hear this…..give ear… mouth will speak wisdom…..incline my ear to a proverb”.  The psalmist has some very important words for us.  He is going to share truth about an area that none of us like to consider – the reality that we will die.  No one wants to consider that truth.  But whether or not we want to think about it – it will happen – it is a reality – and we will experience it.

There are few certainties we can depend on, but death is certainly one of them.  “Man in his pomp will not remain; he is like the beasts that perish”.  We all will die.  Whether rich or poor, whether old or young, it matters not our status or anything else.  We all will face death.  And we don’t know when.  We many have “foolish confidence” that it won’t happen anytime soon.  We may convince ourself that we have plenty of time.  But the reality is that we don’t know when or how it will occur.  But we do know that it will occur.

And when it does – we will have to give account.  We will stand before God at the judgment and have to give account.  The questions will be few and simple.  Do you know Jesus?  What did you do with the things I entrusted?  God will ask those two and we will answer.  The first determines where we spend eternity.  The second determines what that eternal state will be like.  If we have accepted Christ and have a relationship with Him, “God will ransom my soul….he will receive me”.   If we have not, eternity takes on a completely different outcome, but is still eternal.

The truth of death is given here.  “For when he dies he will carry nothing away; his glory will not go down after him”. We won’t take anything with us when we die.  The stuff we have spent our life accumulating can’t go along with us.  It is left behind.  It is gone for good.  We spend so much of our time on this earth gathering and saving things that will all be gone when we die.  We can’t take it with us.  It is not something that makes the trip.  So we need to think carefully about how we spend time and invest for the future.  Stuff won’t be part of the transition to eternity.  We need to let go and focus on the relationship with God!

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