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1 Chronicles 2

1 Chronicles 2 continues the long list of genealogical names beginning with Abraham.  We see some pretty high profile men on this list: Joseph, Boaz, David to name a few.  And we see all sorts of relationships – concubines, daughter in laws, step mothers, multiple wives – but God used them all to fulfill His plan.  No matter what man does and how messed up some things get – God is bigger and more than able to direct the outcome to align with His plan.

There are a couple notable mentions as we go through this list of fathers and sons.  The first is “Er, Judah’s firstborn….evil in the sight of the Lord, and he put him to death”.  You may recall in chapter one Nimrod got called out as a mighty man.  Well here Er gets called out for being on the naughty list. But it isn’t just a minor scolding.  He died because of his disobedience and evil actions.  God is sovereign and He won’t tolerate things forever.  My desire is not to be on that list – the men who failed to live God’s way.

The other mention that jumps out is “Achan, the troubler of Israel, who broke faith in the matter of the devoted thing”;  Achan messed up and is called a ‘troubler of Israel’.  He caused people to fall away.  We must be careful who we follow and be sure to stay God’s course.  Leaders must be worthy of our followership.  If they aren’t walking God’s way we need to bail and stop following.  While they have a huge responsibility for how they lead, we still have a responsibility to make sure the things they say are true and in line with God’s truth.

So in chapter one we saw scripture call out a man who was a good example.  In this chapter we see the opposite – a couple examples of guys who did not finish well.  Both had legacies.  One was good – these two not so much.  We need to consider how we live.  We need to realize that our actions and decisions matter.  Life is not a game or an unimportant time.  While it is short when compared to eternity, what we do and how we live during that short time is very important to what our eternity will look like.  It not only determines the legacy we leave here on earth, it determines the future we will have in eternity.  Are you living for Jesus?  Are you walking in obedience to what God requires?

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