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1 Chronicles 1

1 Chronicles 1 contains a long list of names – the genealogy back to the very beginning.  There are some slight differences found here from other lists in scripture, but we shouldn’t get lost in the minutia, but remember that the key is the path from creation to salvation which is clear enough in the recordings in this book.  Chapter one takes us back to the very beginning, where God breathed life into His creation, a man named Adam.  The first 27 verses take the lineage from that day in the Garden of Eden to Abram, whose name became Abraham.

God created our lineage when Adam was given life back in the garden.  He cleaned things up and came through Noah as He began again a second time after the flood.  The second half of the chapter gives us the descendants of Abraham through the kings to a guy named Hadad.  That is where the chiefs of Edom come into play.  There are dozens of names on this list which are difficult to read and even harder to pronounce.  Does it really matter?  It absolutely does.  This book, and many other places in scripture, chronicles (how’s that for using the right word) what God has done.

As you read along in this chapter you come to verse 10 and these words jump out: “Cush fathered Nimrod. He was the first on earth to be a mighty man”.  You are strolling along reading names you can’t even say under your breath and along comes Nimrod.  Not a name many would equate to being mighty, but it is how God describes him here.  He is one of Noah’s descendants – Noah then Ham then Cush then Nimrod – making Noah his great grandpa.  Scripture doesn’t say much about him – in fact he is talked about in only one other place in Gen 10:8-9. But what is says is important in both places – Nimrod was mighty.

It is likely talking about his ability as a hunter.  Commentaries seem to point to his ability to deal with some of the wild animals that came along after the flood.  He was a “mighty hunter” in Genesis, a “mighty man” here in 1 Chronicles.  The key is that God had the writer stop from just making the list of who begat who and make note that Nimrod was different.  Nimrod had a special gift.  God has given each of us special talents and gifts.  And we too are part of a list of names that define our heritage and lineage.  The question is: what will it say behind your name?  How will you be remembered?  What will define you?  David is known as a man after God’s heart.  Nimrod as a mighty man.  What’s in your name?  What will your legacy be?

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