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Psalm 16

Psalm 16 is all about what the relationship with God can look like.  It begins with the psalmist’s requests.  He asks for God to “preserve me”.  This is a call for protection.  It is a request for God to hold him close.  And then comes the reason why – because God is almighty and awesome:

–       “in you I take refuge

–       You are my Lord

–       I have no good apart from you

–       The Lord is my chosen portion

–       and my cup

–       you hold my lot

Do you see what the psalmist things about God here?  God is the place of refuge and strength.  He is the source of life and in complete control.

So what happens when we put God where He belongs and make Him King?  What happens when we remember that He alone can preserve and we put all our trust in Him.  Check out what the psalmist has experienced:

–       “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places

–       I have a beautiful inheritance

–       gives me counsel

–       my heart instructs me

–       he is at my right hand

–       I shall not be shaken

–       my heart is glad

–       my whole being rejoices

–       my flesh also dwells secure

–       you will not abandon my soul

–       or let your holy one see corruption

–       make known to me the path of life

–       there is fullness of joy;

–       at your right hand are pleasures forevermore

What a list of outcomes when we put God where He belongs – at the center of our life and being.

So what is the lesson?  We need to seek God’s face.  We need to put Him in His rightful place – on the throne of our life.  He alone is worthy to be driving our life.  We think we can do it, but we can’t.  We think we know what to do, but we really don’t.  We think we are capable of making decisions and directing our future, but we have no clue.  God must be at the wheel.  He needs to be setting our course, our speed, and our focus.  Our job is to seek Him and then obey!

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