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Psalm 128

Psalm 128 talks about the power of fearing the Lord.  In fact, we are told “blessed is everyone who fears the Lord”.  That is pretty inclusive.  We need to fear God.  What does that mean?  It isn’t talking about being fearful of God because of His power or might.  It is not about being scared.  It is a healthy recognition of who God is and the power He has at His fingertips.  It is about know that God is the ultimate authority.  It is about putting God where He belongs, on the throne of the universe.

We are also told about a second way for blessing to come: ‘blessed is everyone….who walks in his ways”.  Obedience is a key to blessing.  Want to receive God’s touch – be obedient.  Do what He wants you to do.  Fearing God and being obedient are two ways to turn on His blessing.

But it goes further to give us some steps to blessing.  Check out the list of what happens when we are given that gift:

–       “You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands

–       you shall be blessed

–       it shall be well with you

–       Your wife will be like a fruitful vine

–       your children will be like olive shoots

–       the man be blessed who fears the Lord

God has some very good outcomse for those who fear Him and walk in obedience.  He has a master plan.  He wants to bless us indeed.  He wants us to meet His requirements in exchange.  We can turn the faucet of blessing on if we put the right things in place in our life.

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