Psalm 63

Psalm 63 has David expressing how much He loves God.  Listen to how he talks with the Father while in the wilderness:

  • You are my God
  • Earnestly I seek you
  • My soul thirsts for you
  • My flesh faints for you

David says he has looked upon God and beheld his “power and glory”.   This describes a love relationship with the Father.  David has seen and grown to love God deeply.

But he goes on and says “your steadfast love is better than life”.  Did you hear that?  God’s love is better than life.  It is the most awesome thing we will ever experience.  It is amazing and yet we often take it for granted.  Do you know God’s love?  Have you experienced His goodness.  His love is steadfast – it lasts forever.

David tells us what the response should be to God’s love.  Check out how he responds:

  • My lips will praise thee
  • I will bless you
  • I will lift up my hands
  • I will remember you upon my bed
  • I will meditate on you in the watches of the night
  • I will sing for joy

Why?  Because “you have been my help….your right hand upholds me”.  God has been faithful – to David – but also to you and me.  He deserves our praise.  He deserves our response.

David ends the chapter with the confidence that God will take care of him and give him the victory.  God is in control.  David knows it.  We should know it too.  We can trust in Him.  We too can experience his love which is better than life.  All we need to do is come to Him and seek His face.  He stands ready to come to our aid.  He is God.  His love endures forever!

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