Psalm 142

Psalm 142 has David communicating with the Lord.  David is going through a rough patch – he actually goes through a lot of patches like that.  For a guy who was anointed to be king, it sure isn’t a smooth process.  But we learn here that it is ok to just be real with God.  We don’t have to pretend.  We don’t have to talk to Him in any certain way.  We just need to seek His face openly and honestly.  We need to be willing to humbly approach the throne.

So what do we see David do?  He shows us four different ways he approached God:

–       “I cry out to the Lord

–       I plead for mercy

–       I pour out my complaint

–       I tell my trouble

Let’s face it – David isn’t shy about letting God know how he feels.  He isn’t quiet about being real.  He just lets it all out.


He is feeling pretty low.  Sort of a woe is me attitude – “no one cares for my soul”.  He is in a very lonely spot.  No one is on his side save God.  David asks God to do three things:

–       “Attend to my cry

–       Deliver me from my persecutors

–       Bring me out of prison

David asks God to show his hand.  He asks God to take action and respond to his needs.  He is in a lonely spot.

But David knows where he sits in relationship with God.  He knows God is the source to fix his problems.  “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living….you will deal bountifully with me”.  David understands one key thing – that God never leaves nor forsakes.  God never lets us down.  People will fail us over and over.  They will run when trouble comes and leave us to deal with it on our own.  But God is always there.  He is our portion.  He is our refuge.  He is the one who will stand with us.  We just need to be honest with God and ask Him to take action.  He is there and listening and waiting for our call.

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