2 Samuel 2

2 Samuel 2 has a leadership crisis going on for the people of Israel.  David does what he does so often, he “inquired of the Lord” as to what he should do.  Over and over in scripture we see David seeking God’s face as to what his next move should be.  We can learn much by watching David’s example.  Rather than just head out and do what we might think is the right thing, we need to learn the discipline of stopping and seeking God.  David is known as a man after God’s heart because of their relationship.  He took time and was intentional about knowing God’s will.

David again does a noble thing when he hears of the people of Jabesh-gilead who had showed loyalty to Saul and recovered his body and buried him.  David blessed them by saying “may the Lord show steadfast love and faithfulness to you….I will do good to you because you have done this thing”.  David actually had quite a bit going on but takes time to honor those who took care of protecting Saul’s honor.  It shows real leadership and character to do that.

God told David to go up to Judah to Hebron and live there.  “The men of Judah came, and there they anointed David king”.  So one of the tribes, the house of Judah, followed David.  But the rest of the Israelites follow Ish-bosheth, who was Saul’s 40 year old son.  Abner, the commander of Saul’s army, made sure the Ish became king.  It was a power move to keep his place of prominence.  All the rest of the tribes fell behind Abner and Ish.  So we have two different kings in the land – David ruling the people of Judah – Ish-bosheth ruling the rest.

One day men from the two different kingdoms met at the pool of Gibeon.  Abner wanted to settle the question of who should be king by having the best of their men compete.  Twelve from each side met and killed each other.  That didn’t prove much.  Then the battle spread and “the men of Abner were beaten before the servants of David”.  Abner did get his revenge as he killed one of the brothers of Joab, who was a leader in David’s army.  Finally some sense is talked and the chase ends with Joab leading his men back home.  But not until 360 of their fellow Israelites had been killed from Abner’s army.  A bloody day indeed.


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