Ruth 3

Ruth 3 has Naomi asking Ruth to go to Boaz and push a bit on him about the future.  Boaz has been harvesting – he was a successful farmer and business man.  As was the requirement of that day – when a man died next of kin were required to take care of the widow.  Naomi knows that Boaz is fairly close as a relative, but is not sure if he is really the guy she can ask to take care of her as next of kin.

So she sends Ruth to move this process along and secure their future.  Her instruction is for Ruth to tidy up – after all Ruth has been out in the fields gleaning what grain she could and has been working hard.  She doesn’t tell her to paint herself and try to get to him physically.  The instruction was to go and lay at his feet.  That was a sign of respect and basically a request for a decision.  Ruth again shows her loyalty to Naomi and says “All that you say I will do”.  

Boaz wakes up and finds Ruth at his feet.  That was a bit of a shock.  She says “I am Ruth, your servant. Spread your wings over your servant, for you are a redeemer”.  The redeemer that Ruth refers to here is the man who is responsible to take care of Naomi and her as widows.  She is asking if Boaz is that man.  We find out that there is another ahead of Boaz in the chain of relatives – someone closer than he – so he can’t give an answer other than that he will find out the next day and get this resolved.  He basically says a husband is on the way.

Boaz lets her sleep there and then sends her back to Naomi with food.  “He measured out six measures of barley” and put it on her coat to carry back to her mother in law.  Naomi is pleased and knows that they will have an answer soon.  “For the man will not rest but will settle the matter today”.  She knows there will now be a decision on her fate and future.  This is a great picture of the redemption that God has planned for us.  We can come to His feet and lay there knowing that our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, will settle the matter today if we will only ask Him to come into our heart and set us free from sin.  Have you been redeemed?

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