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Joshua 18

Joshua 18 has Joshua finishing his work in dividing up the inheritance of the Promised Land.  “The whole congregation” assembled and attended the meeting.  “The land lay subdued before them”.  They were in control of the land.  They just hadn’t staked claim to anyplace yet.  The state of affairs were that “seven tribes whose inheritance had not yet been apportioned” were waiting on Joshua to give them their land.  He gets a little irritated with them waiting for him to do the work. 

He asks for “three men from each tribe” that he can send out to “write a description”.  These 21 guys – there were seven tribes that were yet to be given their land – headed out to record the make-up of the land.  What cities there were, description of the characteristics, so they could come back and have Joshua divide it up between the seven tribes.  They had to go get the facts so Joshua could lead well.  He sends them out to do the work. 

When they came back Joshua was going to “divide it into seven portions”.  He would study and fret and decide…..not really…..Joshua is going to cast lots before God to decide who gets what.  But he needs the descriptions so he can make those assignments after God leads him through the casting of lots.  We see this over and over in scripture – leaders trusting God to give direction by something we view as chance.  I am confident Joshua had direction from God on how to go about this.  He didn’t just go off and do things on his own.

So Joshua cast lots before the Lord.  He took the book containing a “description of it by towns” and was able to break it into seven divisions.  From that and the lots, “Joshua apportioned the land to the people”.  He followed God’s leading and handed it out to the seven tribes.  Pretty simple once he had the facts.  Leadership means getting the information necessary to make decisions.  Joshua did that.  He didn’t let the tribes dump the responsibility onto him.  He led them to do the homework necessary to be able to make the division of the land work.  God ultimately led to the assignments, but Joshua led the people to enable the process to work

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