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Deuteronomy 33

Deuteronomy 33 is Moses last blessing before he dies.  He is giving his final farewell to the people he led for many years.  Moses “loved his people”.  That describes one of the key things about leadership – you have to care about the ones you lead.  True leadership is not just about getting the job done.  It involves how you get it done, and leading well means you have care and concern about the people you lead.  For Moses, he was with these people for a very long time.  He didn’t have personal relationships with each one – there were hundreds of thousands of them – but I certainly get the sense that he cared about each individual.  Moses was a servant leader.  He went well beyond the call of duty to lead.  He stood between the people and God on more than one occasion as an intercessor risking his own skin to save theirs.  Moses loved his people.

He also gave them great direction.  They roughly followed him although there were certainly periods where they were off in the weeds doing their own thing.  He was faithful to share God’s direction and truth and to direct their paths as God gave instruction.  He taught them the law, and made it clear when they were failing to obey.  He held them accountable and was not shy about letting them know when they needed to make correction to their course.  Moses got them to the Promised Land.  It is easy to say that there must have been a shorter route – it couldn’t really need to take 40 years to get there.  But in God’s plan to deliver them to their new home, it did take that long.  Moses never tried to shortcut God’s plan.  He just did what God told him.  That is the sign of a great leader.  It wasn’t about him, but the One he served.

Moses lists each of the tribes in this chapter and makes a short commentary about them.  He recalls some of the key things that happened along the journey.  Remember that most that began the journey with him are now dead, as no one who began the journey was going to enter the promised land.  So it is a pretty much new set of followers.  That in itself is a miracle.  To think that an entire new generation is now walking in his footsteps as he leads is amazing.  But they did, and now they stand at the entrance to their new life.

Moses ends with a description of God Himself.  Look at how he describes our God:

–       “There is none like God

–       rides through the heavens to your help

–       through the skies in his majesty

–       your dwelling place

–       everlasting arms

–       thrust out the enemy

–       Israel lived in safety

–       heavens drop down dew

–       people saved by the Lord

–       shield of your help

–       sword of your triumph

–       enemies shall come fawning

–       you shall tread upon their backs

This is the same God we serve today.  Nothing has changed.  He loves us in the same way.  He is the same amazing God.  We are blessed indeed.  Do you know God the way Moses did?  If not, you can.  You just need to reach out and begin that process.  He will definitely meet you if you take the first step!

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