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Numbers 29

Numbers 29 is a list of how God wanted the people to celebrate some of his feasts and periods of sacrifice.  Here we see God caring about the details – not just some high level guidance, but direction down to the nitty gritty.  He tells them exactly when, what and how to sacrifice.  He tells them what to use for what kind of offering.  He tells them quantities and quality.  God cares about the little stuff.  A great reason for us not to always sweat the small stuff – He has His eye on that ball already.

It is interesting that as part of these periods of offering and sacrifice and celebration, there are a couple different references to work.  In some cases, ordinary work is not allowed.  In others, no work.  Check out what scripture says:

  1. You shall not do any ordinary work
  2. You shall do no work

Significant?  What God writes always is.  In all cases the time of focus and interaction with God was to be different.  Work was not to continue as usual.  But in some cases work was not to happen at all, and in others it was to only be what needed to be done, not the regular day to day activities.

What if we celebrated God’s day that way each week?  We are told to ‘remember the Sabbath and keep it holy’.  Often in America it is just another day.  We may stick church in the schedule, but we go about doing the regular stuff and catch up on work if we are behind.  Sometimes folks save projects for that day because there is less interruption and other conflicts on Sunday.  More and more activities seem to be migrating to Sunday since there are less things scheduled on that day and it is easier to make it fit.  But what if we truly did no work on Sunday and just dedicated the day to God?  Ever tried that?

Moses continues to lead well.  “So Moses told the people of Israel everything just as the Lord had commanded Moses”.  No commentary, no changes, just God’s truth delivered directly to the people.  No hidden agenda or personal motives – Moses just seeks God – listens carefully and delivers completely.  I love his example.  God uses words that matter and are very unique for a human – “everything” – for example.  Moses doesn’t just come close to getting it right – he does it absolutely God’s way.  That makes his failure to enter the Promised Land even more amazing.  He was a very gifted leader, in spite of his belief that he could not lead.  God used him and he performed God’s way.

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