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Numbers 6

Numbers 6 contains the rules for how people were to act in getting right with God with “the vow of a Nazirite”.  Very specific instructions about not drinking, not eating certain things, not cutting hair and staying away from dead bodies.  Seems like a strange thing to throw into the discussion.  But it gets better.  The examples given to Moses remind me of something to the effect of not doing something if you see a herd of yellow elephants going north on Tuesday.

God gives us the example of “any man dies very suddenly beside him”.  Sure, it can happen.  And God obviously knows what is happening in the future so can give this kind of detailed instruction before it is needed.  Ever think about that before.  Why God is so detailed in so many areas that may not seem relevant.  Because they are relevant – maybe not to you or me right now – but definitely because they have been or will be to someone.  And much of what is recorded in scripture was written with you and me in mind.  God wrote this Book specifically and with detail because we need it that way.

There are many instructions that not only apply to you – they are written with your specific situation in mind.  God knew you when this was written – way before you were born.  He knew what you would need to know to live a life worthy of Him.  And He penned it so we would know how to live.  That only works when we open the Book and read it.  And then of course apply it in our life through obedience.  That is what walking with Christ looks like.  Getting God’s direction from the Word and listening to Him – and then living that out in our day to day life – how we use our 168 hours each week.  In this case it was about a vow for those who were setting aside life to dedicate themselves to the Lord.  For us, it may be how we love God, how we love our wives or kids, how we meet together as the body or any number of things He clearly tells us how to do.

The chapter ends with God giving Moses the blessing for His people.  I love these verses, which are often used as the benediction in many churches.  I’ll end today with this blessing for you: “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace”.  I truly do pray for God’s blessing on your life, His light, grace and peace.  He loves us and is doing that for us moment by moment.  The question is whether or not we receive it, or even notice.  Look for God’s hand.  His handprints are all over you and your circumstances.  Don’t miss His presence and His blessing!

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