Exodus 27

Exodus 27 continues the detailed instructions on building the tabernacle.  And the key focus of this chapter is the altar – which was to be made of acacia wood – and the courtyard around the outside.  God continues to show us that He does care about the details.  He is not too busy or consumed to want to ignore the small stuff.  He makes it clear to Moses that these are not just suggestions either.  “As it has been shown you on the mountain, so shall it be made”.  That small statement tells us a lot about how we need to approach God’s Word.

Too often people want to take God’s instruction as a suggestion.  We may read the Bible, but then we choose whether we want to be obedient.  We see it as a Book of suggestions rather than The Book of direction.  God isn’t in the business of giving us some ideas to consider.  He has given us very complete and specific instruction and our role is simple – we are to obey.  Not what we want of it – but the entire Book.  It is His letter to us as Christ Followers.  It is the way we are to live.

The other thing that is clear in this chapter beside the reality that God has a very specific plan, is that it was to be dealt with constantly.  He told Aaron and his sons, the priestly tribe, to “tend it from evening to morning before the Lord”.  God’s relationship with us is not a part time thing.  It is 24X7X365.  We need to realize that God is the center of our world all the time.  We need to focus on Him and keep Him where He belongs.  Is God the center of your world, or have you put yourself there?

The instruction here contains details about building things so they could be carried as the people moved down the journey toward the Promised Land.  God was intending to remain the very center of their trip.  He also wants to be the center of your life and mine.  And less you think this was only about Moses and the people then, God says this: “It shall be a statute forever to be observed throughout their generations”.  God has a plan for you and me that He wrote a very long time ago. There are no surprises to Him.  The only question truly is whether we are joining His plan or not?  Are you?


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  1. Posted by Brad Kowerchuk on September 2, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    What was the “pure, beaten olive oil” referred to in Exodus 27:20, and what does it mean for Christians today?


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